• My RV Kitchen Essentials

    I love to cook.  The kitchen is where I go to unwind when I'm unable to hit the trails. When I'm planning a backpacking trip or a day hike I spend an ...

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    My RV Kitchen Essentials
  • Our First Nights in the Camper

    Last night was our second night sleeping in the camper. Right now we're posted up in Cannon Beach, Oregon at an RV park with full hook ups. Its our ...

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    Our First Nights in the Camper
  • Gear | Finding What’s Right For You

    When I first started taking my interest in the outdoors seriously, or at least serious enough to invest in actual hiking boots rather than the ...

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    Gear | Finding What’s Right For You
  • Experiences and Expression

    A few years ago I decided to quit my cubicle job.  That sentence feels like it should come with a second clause, I decided to quit my ...

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    Experiences and Expression
  • We Bought an RV!

          It happened sooner than we expected - much sooner. A week or so ago P and I had our first and only real ...

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    We Bought an RV!

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